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Affordable, high quality and good for you, these are some of the characteristics of the  products we offer. Mai Muku’s Beauty was formulated through inspiration. We’re an Australian based business specializing in quality Afro hair care at very affordable prices. Mai Muku’s Beauty is owned and founded by yours truly, Mai Muku.I migrated from Zimbabwe to Australia in 2009. The reason for the birth of Mai Muku’s Beauty was the highly-expensive cost of Afro hair care in Australia. This is why we aim to offer cost-friendly Afro hair care because we believe that it should not cost us much to become beautiful. Mai Muku’s Beauty was opened in 2019 and became well-known for its results-oriented products and excellent customer service after only a few months.

We became captivated by the idea of seeing the world through someone else's eyes just over a year ago. Mai Muku’s beauty believes that every woman deserves to look beautiful without worrying about the prices. In years of operation, Mai Muku’s Beauty has claimed a niche of providing high quality and affordable products. We will continue to expand our customer base by promoting our distinct products as we offer a variety of synthetic hair extensions, hair care products, and even skin care products.

We want to provide innovative solutions for everyone. We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve with our business and we know what we need to do in order for our business to accomplish that goal. Mai Muku’s Beauty continues to be a leader in excellent beauty opportunities for both teens and adults. It's all part of our constant commitment to provide value to customers and communities all across the world through creating possibilities.

Mai Muku's beauty is home to strong and ambitious women redefining beauty on our terms. We are here to inspire actions through the products we sell. We aim for our products to become bridges to higher self-esteem and self-concept. We are confident in our beliefs and principles of supporting girls and to - be - girls who are chasing dreams when it comes to beauty and style. Mai Muku’s Beauty wants to help in reducing barriers for everyone to make everyone’s hair and skin better without looking at the price tags.

We keep track of our customer's desires and concerns enabling us to achieve this special experience. The distinctive touch goes a long way to make our customers feel important. Because we believe that everyone is worthy of love and care.

The demand for hair care products and skin care products has been improved by the fact that people have become more conscious about how they look. We’re focused on turning both men and women’s dreams into reality. Both men and women are conscious about their personal outlook. This is the very reason why Mai Muku’s Beauty products will be offered to everyone, because everyone deserves the beauty they desire.

With the help of our producs both men and women can maintain and enhance the healthiness and cleanliness of their hair. Mai Muku’s Beauty hair care products can protect the hair from damage such as extreme dryness. The products include oil, serum, hair food , and others used in hair nourishment and are available in different forms such as liquid, gel, and oil. A variety of products are available in our store for different applications depending on type of hair. Mai Muku’s Beauty is armed with the formulation of the products including our best sellers: Organic Root Stimulator (ORS), Dark and Lovely and Dax, and many more.

The core of our brand is affordable,  good for you and quality products. It's what we've always believed in, and it'll always be in the forefront of our minds. We made it our mission that every woman of color in Australia would not pay too much for their hair and will be assured that our products are safe for everyone’s use.

Mai Muku’s Beauty featured skincare products because one of our aims is to produce effective, affordable, and standard skincare products such as skincare soap, skincare lotion, triple glycerine cream, skincare serum, oil cream and other skincare products that will surely benefit you after some time of  use.

We are a business who is not only focusing on profits but also on providing value to our customers. We want to give people who purchase our products the opportunity to be a part of our brand's success story.

We understand that our customers are the reason we're in business, therefore we'll go out of our way to make sure they're happy with our products and that they become our devoted customers and ambassadors. Our customer service is outstanding, in addition to offering high-quality, effective, and safe skincare and hair care products. 

Mai Muku’s Beauty is connected with appreciating ladies and gentlemen in order to put the star in you. We appreciate the assurance, quality, and elegance with which you all go about your daily lives. We can be your buddy as you face different problems and develop your own personality and sense of style. Mai Muku’s Beauty offers products that will make you feel good inside and outside.


So, welcome to Mai Muku’s Beauty! We hope that you love our products and for those who are planning to buy please don’t hesitate to purchase our products. We will patiently wait for you to finally support our business as we support self-care and self-love along with our products. We are also happy to hear your comments and suggestions, so please reach out anytime. Follow us on our social media accounts, Instagram account @maimukusbeauty, facebook page Mai Muku’s Beauty or you can directly contact us on info@maimukusbeauty.com. Hope to hear more from you soon!